Society Awards

Lifetime Service Award

Past recipients:

  • Dr. Pravin Singhal (Hofstra North Shore LIJ Medical School), 2016
  • Rober Donahoe (Emory University), 2015
  • Dr. Jag Khalsa, 2014

Herman Friedman Founder’s Award

The Founders award was renamed in 2008 in honor of Herman Friedman, PhD, Professor and Chair of the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology at the University of South Florida from 1978-2003, who passed away in August 2007. Herman had a long and distinguished career as a research scientist whose work focused on the effects of cannabinoids and other abused substances on immune function and infection. He became a major force in developing neuroimmunopharmacology into a legitimate and exciting field of research. Herman organized the first meeting in the area of drugs of abuse and immunity at USF, leading the way to subsequent conferences and publications that brought together investigators and lead directly to the founding of SNIP. He always encouraged colleagues to pursue work in this field, organized their findings into a leading series of chapters and books, lobbied NIDA for their support, and mentored numerous students and colleagues. He was a prior recipient of the Wybran Award. The Founder’s award was created to recognize individuals whose contribution to SNIP have been visionary and served as a key to the founding of the Society and/or it's continued development and perpetuation. Its rededication in the memory of Herman Friedman exemplifies this focus.

Past recipients:

  • Mahendra Kumar, 2016
  • Toby Eisenstein, Ph.D. (Temple University), 2015
  • Dr. Pravin Singhal (Hofstra North Shore LIJ Medical School), 2014
  • Phil Peterson, 2013
  • Howard Fox (University of Nebraska), 2012
  • Howard Gendelman (University of Nebraska), 2011
  • Sabita Roy (University of Minnesota), 2010
  • Thomas W. Klein (University of South Florida), 2010
  • Mike Roth (UCLA), 2009
  • Charles Sharp (NIDA), 2008
  • Guy Cabral (Virginia Commonwealth University), 2007
  • Rober Donahoe (Emory University), 2006
  • Burt Sharp (University of Tennessee), 2004
  • Sulie L Chang (Seton Hall University), 2002
  • John Madden (Emory University), 2001

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Services Award is aimed at recognizing individuals whose efforts and commitment to the Society have been both consistent and exemplary over protracted years of service.

Past recipients:

  • Dr. Sanjay Maggirwar (University of Rochester Medical Center), 2016
  • Richard Noel, 2015
  • Dr. Guy Cabral (University of Connecticut), 2014
  • Sylvia M. Kiertscher (UCLA), 2013
  • Anuja Ghorapde (University of North Texas), 2012
  • Gayle C. Baldwin (UCLA), 2011
  • John J. Madden (Emory University), 2010
  • Sulie L Chang (Seton Hall University), 2009
  • Diane Lawrence (NIDA), 2009
  • Wen Zhe Ho (Temple University), 2009
  • Norbert Kaminski (Michigan State University), 2008
  • Phil Peterson (University of Minnesota), 2007
  • Sabita Roy (University of Minnesota), 2007
  • Tom Rogers (Temple University)
  • Tom Klein (University of South Florida), 2006
  • Jean Bidlack (University of Rochester), 2005
  • Jag Khalsa (NIDA), 2005

Wybran (pronounced Vee-bran) Award

Joseph Wybran, MD, was trained in Immunology and worked for some time in the U.S.A. before returning to his Brussel's home. He was a seminal contributor through the 1970s and into the 1980s to the integration of the fields of neuroimmunology, drugs of abuse and immunity to infection. As a measure of the impact that his science had on the field of neuroimmune pharmacology, his seminal paper published in the Journal of Immunology in 1979 regarding the ability of endogenous and exogenous opioids to modulate T-cell rosette formation in a naloxone reversible way was the most cited research article through the early 1980's. He was killed, presumably, by terrorists reacting to his leadership and participation in Jewish causes. He was shot in his car in the parking lot at his work, October 3, 1989, in Brussels. Sadly, this tragedy occurred at the peak of Joe's career. The Wybran award was created to memorialize Joe's scientific prestige in the area of neuroimmune pharmacology. It is meant, most particularly, to serve as a remembrance of his leading contributions that underpin SNIP. The Wybran Award is the highest honor bestowed by SNIP in recognition of the very best scientific contributions that have resulted in the preservation and expansion of the field of NeuroImmune Pharmacology.

Past recipients:

  • Brian Wigdahl, 2016
  • Jonathan Geiger, 2015
  • Dr. Madhav Nair; Dr. Michal Toborek, 2014
  • Kurt Hauser (Virginia Commonwealth University), 2013
  • Shilpa Buch (University of Nebraska), 2012
  • Yuri Persidsky (Temple University), 2011
  • Linda Chang (University of Hawaii), 2010
  • Tom Klein (University South Florida), 2008
  • Howard Gendelman (University of Nebraska), 2007
  • Burt Sharp, M.D. (University of Tennessee), 2006
  • Toby Eisenstein, Ph.D. (Temple University), 2003
  • Martin Adler, Ph.D. (Temple University), 2001
  • Phillip Peterson, M.D. (University of Minnesota), 1999
  • Herman Friedman, Ph.D. (University of South Florida), 1996
  • Charles Sharp, Ph.D. (NIDA), 1995

Outstanding Service and Support Award

This award is given in recognition of individuals who are not necessarily investigators or members, but who have provided extraordinary service in support of the Society and its mission. Awardees may be those working “behind the scenes” promoting the Society through its publication, fundraising, and meetings.

Past recipients:

  • Marisela Agudelo, 2016
  • Marcus Kaul, 2016
  • Jan Albrecht, 2016
  • Andrzej Malecki, 2016
  • Santosh Kumar, 2015
  • Dr. Sanjay Maggirwar (University of Rochester Medical Center), 2014
  • Xu Wang, 2013
  • Yvonne Mccommon (UMKC), 2012
  • David Shurtleff (NIDA/NIH), 2011
  • Dr. Claire Gaveriaux-Ruff (CNRS/INSERM/ULP, France), 2010
  • Dr. Abraham Bautista (NIAAA/NIH), 2010
  • Dr. Dunjing Zhou (Wuhan CDC), 2009
  • Dr. He Li (Tongji Medical College), 2009
  • Robin Taylor (University of Nebraska), 2008